V-Rally 4发布9月7th在英国的Xbox One,PS4

V-Rally 4

Bigben Interactive和Kylotonn Racing Games宣布了这一点 V-Rally 4 已收到其官方英国发布日期。 游戏将首先发布 的Xbox 一和 的PlayStation 4月7月XNUMX日开始。 的 PC 然后几个星期之后版本会在9月25th在英国发布最后(也可能是最少)将是 任天堂开关 版本的 V-Rally 4,该日期仍没有发布日期,但会在以后的某个时间到达。

除了宣布英国,发布日期 V-Rally 4 对于一些家用游戏机和PC,Bigben Interactive还发布了一款新的游戏预告片,该游戏实际上由赛车爱好者VVV团队组成。 您可以查看新的镜头 V-Rally 4 下面,它涵盖了在罗马尼亚赛道的一场下雨天比赛期间Hillclimb模式的一些赛车动作。


There isn’t much else to go by at this point, but at least Bigben and Kylotonn are being very proactive when it comes to releasing new gameplay footage. Then again, V-Rally 4 is only a month out from release and it’s probably a safe bet that pumping out new footage and releasing more news and info about the game at this point is the only window of opportunity to build up some modicum of hype ahead of its release.

I do wish we received more info and footage really diving deep into the game’s physics and racing culture, as opposed to just some raw video clips of the different race types. But I guess beggars can’t be choosers, but they can definitely choose to avoid plopping down $60 day one until they get what the begged for.