Ultra Retron控制台播放N64推车,在720p输出游戏
Ultra Retron

Hyperkin announced that they have a new device on the horizon called the Ultra Retron Premium Retro Gaming Console, which is an N64 emulator that actually plays N64 cartridges, outputting them via HDMI at 720p HD.

According to Gamespot, the retro emulation console will output games at both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios and will also support the use of the classic three-pronged N64 controller with the analog in the middle, the C-buttons on the side and the d-pad off to the left.

The Hyperkin console will be on display and demonstrated for attendees of this year’s E3 in Los Angeles, California taking place at the Los Angeles Convention Center. You can get a glimpse of what the console looks like with the teaser trailer below.

The console comes with four built-in controller ports, an output for HDMI cable, and a USB C cable for power connectivity. This also means that technically you could hook it up to your 任天堂开关 docking station if you had a USB C extension cable. Alternatively you can plug it into any USB connector to power the console on.

It sports a basic power button and a reset button, identical to the old N64.

The lightweight physical emulator is still in the prototype phase, and there are no pricing details or a release date for the Ultra Retron at the moment. According to Hyperkin’s product release manager, Andrew Steel, the device can play games like Super Smash Bros., GoldenEye, Super Mario 64马里奥赛车64, as demonstrated in the video above.

The real question is what else can it do? An N64 emulator that only plays N64 games is kind of pointless since you can just get a real N64 console for about $20 from some bargain bin places. Anything above that and it kind of makes it useless, unless people really want to pay for the HD 720p output, but at that point it’s like why not just hook up your PC to your TV via HDMI and play N64 games via the Dolphin emulator?

Hopefully more details arrive that justify whatever price tag it carries and whatever other kind of functionality it will sport.

(Thanks for the news tip Totally Not Batman)


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